Prabowo Subianto: Do I have the guts ? Am I ready to be called a fascist dictator ?

On June 21 and July 2, 2001 an investigative journalist from the United States, namely Allan Nairn, held an exclusive interview with Prabowo Subianto at his company office located in Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta and during the meeting, Allan Nairn offered an anonymous interview to the former Kopassus Commander

In the off the record interview, Prabowo Subianto talked more about fascism, democracy, the policy of killing by the TNI / ABRI and also the longstanding and closed relationship between the Pentagon and US intelligence. in one part of the interview, Prabowo Subianto said that Indonesia needs to be led by “a benign authoritarian regime” and he also emphasized that ethnic and religious diversity is a barrier to the democratic system

Furthermore, the former Kostrad Commander also said that he wanted a different leader and called General Pervez Musharraf (a Pakistani leader from the military who had arrested the Pakistani prime minister from civilian and established a dictatorship). In addition, Prabowo Subianto also expressed his admiration for General Pervez Musharraf and also thought hard whether Prabowo Subianto was in accordance with the figure he imagined. Prabowo Subianto also questioned whether he was able to become General Pervez Musharraf in Indonesia

Do I have the guts ? Am I ready to be called a fascist dictator ? Musharraf had the guts, ” Prabowo questioned

Prabowo Subianto: Do I have the guts ? Am I ready to be called a fascist dictator ?


Most readers may want to ask what the fascist dictator means and below we will present an explanation of what fascism means, as displayed on Wikipedia

Fascism is a form of government which is a type of one-party dictatorship. Fascists are against democracy. They work for a totalitarian one-party state. This aim is to prepare the nation for armed conflict, and to respond to economic difficulties. Fascism puts nation and often race above the individual. It stands for a centralized government headed by a dictator. Historically, fascist governments tend to be militaristic, and racist

At this point, we can know that:

1) Prabowo Subianto wants Indonesia to be led by “a benign authoritarian regime
2) Prabowo Subianto aspires to be a fascist dictator leader who applies fascism (an ideology based on the principle of leadership with absolute authority where leader orders and compliance are applied without exception)
3) If Prabowo Subianto becomes the President of the Republic of Indonesia later, he will use the military as an important force in maintaining power, because the fascist movement itself has the main duty to fight the enemies of the nation

Below we present a portion of the contents of Allan Nairn‘s off the record interviews with Prabowo Subianto regarding his desire to become a fascist dictator leader such as Pakistan’s General Pervez Musharraf

Indonesia is not ready for democracy,” Prabowo said, “We still have cannibals, there are violent mobs.

Indonesia needs, Prabowo said, “a benign authoritarian regime“. He said the many ethnicities and religions precluded democracy

Prabowo said, regarding Gus Dur, “The military even obeys a blind president ! Imagine ! Look at him, he’s embarrassing !

Look at Tony Blair, Bush, Putin. Young, ganteng [handsome] — and we have a blind man !

Prabowo called for a different model. He mentioned Pakistan’s General Pervez Musharraf. Musharraf had arrested his country’s civilian prime minister and imposed dictatorship. Prabowo said he admired him greatly. Prabowo ruminated on whether he could measure up, whether he could be an Indonesian Musharraf

Do I have the guts,” Prabowo asked, “am I ready to be called a fascist dictator ?

Musharraf had the guts, ” Prabowo said

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